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Pop Quiz: Why Isn’t Your Property Renting?

a. Your property is too expensive b. You can’t find good tenants c. You don’t know how to market your property d. Tenants would rather rent through a letting agent On first glance, all of the above look like likely factors, right? Today’s tenants are more experienced and clued up than ever before. So the […]

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The Freezing Truth Of Burst Pipes

It’s undeniably true. It’s happened again. Like it does every time. Like it does every single year. WINTER…. (and a good dose of festivity along with it!) Along with winter there are always some maintenance things to keep in mind on your property. You DO NOT want to get up in the middle of the […]

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Is Your House Winter Ready?!

If you haven’t double checked your boiler for the icy months ahead, now is the time! Contractors are getting super busy this time of year here in Newport. Make sure you get everything ready on time before it becomes a costly issue! We have many reliable contractors we can recommend, give us a call on […]

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The Costly Consequences of a Low EPC Rating

Many landlords have been forced to take their properties of the market. This is due to the properties having an EPC rating below E. This comes after the implementation of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which doesn’t allow properties to be rented out if the rating is below E. It might even have happened to you, […]

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