Why You Should Serve Notice on Your Tenants When They Serve Notice!

Why You Should Serve Notice on Your Tenants When They Serve Notice!

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So now it’s time to cover another situation when you need to serve notice on your tenants.

Even if nothing goes wrong and your tenants keep the property in great condition, paying their rent on time each month, and you have no intention of asking them to leave, you might still have to serve notice on them.

Why would you want to do that if they are the perfect tenants? I hear you ask.

Why You Should Serve Notice on Your Tenants When They Serve Notice

Well if the tenants decide they want to end the tenancy and move out, giving you ample notice of the date they wish to leave, you should still serve notice. You shouldn’t do this out of retaliation for them choosing to leave that would be childish.

No, the reason I recommend you serve them notice, for the date, they wish to leave, is that they might change their mind nearer the time. While it would be great to have such perfect tenants decide to stay on, by the time they change their mind, it is highly likely you will have new tenants lined up and ready to move in.

Formalising your current tenants desire to move out, by serving notice covering that date, you can ensure things remain manageable and the situation does not develop into a state of flux.

In this case you would be serving them a notice from Section 21. For this type of notice you must give the tenants at least two clear months’ notice, so don’t hang around once you or they decide it’s time to part ways. The day on which the notice period expires must be the last day of the tenancy period, which is the day before the rent is due.

If you are serving the notice by post, make sure you allow at least three working days for it to arrive. Send the notice using recorded or registered post so you have some proof you have sent it. Alternatively, hire the services of an independent company that will service the notice by hand on the tenants.

Now that I have given you some helpful advice on serving notice on your clients, it’s time to start thinking about how to manage the day your tenants leave the property.


Depending on the how the tenancy went, the day it ends can be a stressful time. To ensure you do everything the right way, make sure you read my next blog coming soon.

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