We Were NEVER Closed, We’ve Been Fully Operational

We Were NEVER Closed

We Were NEVER Closed, We’ve Been Fully Operational

We wanted to give you an update before the imminent opening of the property market here in Wales and wanted to assure you of a few things.

During Corona, we here at Luscombe have been fully operational throughout, our letting management teams, our sales teams have been utilising technology and developing at quite an alarming rate to keep your properties on the market, conducting “virtual” viewings and setting up lets, for when we were once again able to carry out in person move-ins (which is soon).

The Announcement which we think is imminent, is of course great news, and as the government advises, we will continue to work from home, but we are still taking calls, booking virtual viewings, taking applications and will, of course, carry out physical viewings where it is safe and there is a genuine interest in the property too.

Over the last month, we have stacked and rented more properties than we would normally do in a month so this is a testament to the effectiveness of what we have been doing.

Many agents may have hibernated, but instead, we have taken the opportunity to invest time and money in technology to get the business READY for this new world we find ourselves in, which means NOW we are able to be fully functional without ANY risk to anyone, tenants, landlords, viewers or sellers/buyers.

I just wanted to let you know that you will not see any BIG announcement of “We are open again” because we NEVER closed… we just de-camped to our home offices and carried on using new technology, videos and digital applications, and this has proved hugely successful.

We will not be putting our team or tenants under unnecessary risk by re-opening our offices right now when the risk is still too high (as the government recommends ) because we don’t need to, but it is still business as almost usual, and we are busier than EVER!

If you need to contact us, just do so in the normal way by email or phone!

Trusting you our best service at all times

Your Lettings Senior Team,

Barrie, Penny, Sarah, Anna and Hal

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