Tips to Save Your Property from Damp

Tips to Save Your Property from Damp

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You want to rent out your property but you have one problem; damp. Not only is it bad for your health but it’s also not pretty for potential tenants to look at when they view your home.  A landlord came in to see us a few months back, the contract had ended with his previous tenants and he was looking to re-let his property in Newport. The major issue for him was the property wasn’t left in great condition, mainly due to mould.

Unfortunately, the previous tenants had neglected to treat the damp and without a letting agent the landlord didn’t conduct inspections, it inevitably turned into mould. We understand what a nightmare damp and mould can be so we decided to bring you some tips to ensure your property stays in top condition. It helped our new landlord so it might just work for you!

It is a fact that every home will get condensation at some point, it is formed from the moisture in the air we produce as we cook, wash, sleep and go about our everyday lives. However, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the condensation in your property.

Keep your property warm

You may not be living at your property or home during the day but if you set your central heating thermostat to provide a low background heat it will warm the whole building, not just the air inside the rooms. Condensation is less likely to develop in warmer homes and living in an area like Newport, South Wales that sees a lot of rain and cold weather, it is important to keep your property heated.

Use an extractor fan

A way to reduce the moisture you produce through bathing is to reduce steam, by part filling your bath with cold water before topping it up with hot water. Close the bathroom door and ventilate the room by opening a window or using an extractor fan.


Wipe away moisture

People tend to forget to wipe away excess moisture, so be sure to wipe windows down if you see any water trickling around.


Allow your room to breathe

By improving the ventilation in your property by not overfilling cupboards or wardrobes and not pushing furniture right up against a wall you will be leaving room for the air to circulate. We are all reluctant to keep windows open during cold weather as we don’t want the heat to escape but just by keeping a small window open while we are home allows the room to breathe.

The small cost of losing a bit of heat could save you a lot of money, in the long run, replacing furniture, carpets and even clothes that have been ruined by clusters of mould. Not forgetting the costly period while your property is empty while you try to treat it.

Fungicidal wash – mould buster

If your home has already fallen victim to mould there are ways to remove it by wiping mouldy walls and window frames using fungicidal wash. If it has spread to carpets they will need to be shampooed. On the other hand, infected clothes should be dry-cleaned. Once all traces of mould have vanished you could redecorate using mould resistant paint. This should stop the mould from coming back and can help protect your property.

These simple steps will ensure your property remains in good condition and give you happy tenants that will stay with you for longer periods, saving you money.

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