Tips to Get The Tenancy Off to a Flying Start

Tips to Get The Tenancy Off to a Flying Start

The necessary documents have been drawn up and signed off; the security deposit has been collected and properly stored, what’s left for you to do?

The next task on your list is to manage the rest of the moving in day and ensure your tenants are settled into the property.

It is important to start the relationship with your tenants off on a good note. This will help ensure a happy and stress-free arrangement for both parties. To do this, make sure you meet them on check-in day and are on hand for any questions they might have while moving in. Give them a tour of the place and point out any quirks of the property that might cause them problems, such as how to unlock the backdoor or how to defrost the freezer. Obviously there shouldn’t be any major undisclosed issues at this point, but small details such as which way to turn a lock or how to test the fire alarms are okay.

After all the necessary paperwork has been signed off, such as the tenancy agreement, schedule of condition and the inventory, it’s time to talk money. The rent will of course have been agreed long before the move-in day, but now is a good time to discuss how you will be collecting the rent. Make sure you have your bank account details to hand or an address where they can send the cheque to, should you agree on one of these methods of payment. Make sure this is confirmed before you leave.

Once all of the above has been done, you should wish them a happy stay, before leaving them to unpack and get settled in to their new home.

Your next immediate task in the move-in schedule is to notify the local authority and utility companies of the date the new tenants moved in, and inform them of any meter readings. Do this in writing and don’t trust your tenants to do it themselves or you might just be landed with unpaid bills at a later date.

If you put these tips into action, not only will you get off to a good start with your new tenants but you will have done everything possible to avert any potential disputes or conflict that may arise in the future.

Now that your property is occupied and your new tenants have moved it, your work isn’t over, it’s only just beginning!

I have lots more great tips to help you out so keep an eye out for my next blog.


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