There’s no Such Thing as ‘Bad Feedback’

There’s no Such Thing as ‘Bad Feedback’

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Have you ever been confronted with a habitat that was barely habitable? We recently had a new landlord come on board with us. He had his various properties just about to be vacated by their current tenants advertised on different portals, but was at his wits end because they just weren’t renting. We took on the properties in our Newport letting agency and promptly started booking viewings.

The second we stepped inside one of these properties, inspecting it before we took any tenants there, we immediately knew why it wasn’t renting. People. Drunk ones, sitting on the living room floor staring at us like we were from outer-space.


As well as the clearly intoxicated tenants making the house look a mess, there was a filthy kitchen, drawing on the walls, and let’s not mention the state of the bathroom. The property had already been shown to tenants by someone other than us and the landlord had never received any feedback other than, “They just didn’t like it.”

How else would the landlord have known that his house was being treated this way? Let alone that prospective tenants had seen it in this condition. At our Newport lettings office we immediately called him and told him what we found. His shock and disappointment swiftly turned into gratification as this was the first time he’d ever received honest feedback.

He was then able to rectify the problems in his property and secure a great tenant days after the current ones had left.


Although it may seem at first like the truth hurts, if you are conducting your own viewings or have an agency to do it for you, listen to what those prospective tenants are telling you no matter how brutally honest they may seem. In the long run it might just be the difference between your property sitting empty for months on end and having one of those dreaded void periods or securing a great, honest tenant quickly and sufficiently.

Our top tips when receiving feedback;

  • Take notes – don’t forget what they’re telling you
  • Act fast – if work needs to be done get contractors out as soon as you can, the quicker you get things fixed the quicker you can start viewings again.
  • Be thankful – If the agent has been open and honest with you, show gratitude. As frustrated as you may be they’ve done you a big favour.
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