The Costly Consequences of a Low EPC Rating

The Costly Consequences of a Low EPC Rating

The Costly Consequences of a Low EPC Rating

Many landlords have been forced to take their properties of the market. This is due to the properties having an EPC rating below E. This comes after the implementation of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which doesn’t allow properties to be rented out if the rating is below E.

It might even have happened to you, causing you to lose valuable rental income. But it’s not too late. If your property has a rating of F and G there are quick ways to improve even the lowest ratings and get your property back on the market.

Invest In a Condensing Boiler

Even though they don’t come cheap, this is the quickest way to change your EPC rating significantly. Some manufacturers claim that these boilers can reach efficiency rates of up to 98%. This is because, unlike gas boilers, it uses the heat from the heat from both fuel burning and the thermal energy from condensation.

Not only will this improve your EPC rating, but also save you a considerable amount of money, making the property more attractive for both landlords and tenants. We have a lot of contractors we use here in Newport, at very reasonable prices.

Upgrade All Your Appliances

New appliances like freezers, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines are now legally required to have an energy efficiency rating of A or above. Having them installed will automatically upgrade your rating significantly.


This might seem like an unlikely suspect in your EPC rating, but the average shower uses around 60 litres of water. Instead of asking your tenants to rather take baths, you could install energy-efficient showerheads. It’s much cheaper than installing a new boiler and will restrict the water flow through them, without affecting water pressure.

That means your tenants can still enjoy a shower but you’ll have a higher EPC rating and lower bills. A win for all!

If you don’t have substantial changes to make to achieve that E rating, you can make small and cost effective changes to achieve results. Switching to LED lights and installing a smart meter are just a few of the things you can change in your property.

We’ve helped many landlords achieve their targeted EPC rating here in Newport, resulting in no void periods. If you need help with achieving your EPC rating, give us a call: 01633 265222


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