Should I use a letting agent?

Should I use a letting agent?

Ideally, you should use a letting agent. The reason for this is because if something goes wrong with the property, the letting agent is there during the day, and sometimes in the evenings to deal with any problems that you have. Letting agents can also help you through the process, understanding the legal documents, letting you into the property, and making sure that everything is in good working order.
How much will a letting agent charge?

The charges that a letting agent make to a tenant vary dramatically. In some cases, there might be no charge. In other cases, a letting agent could demand a whole host of different charges. For example, you might have an administration fee, you may have to pay to get your references checked and you may have to pay for an inventory. It is essential that before you sign up to any letting agreement with an agent you are very clear on all of the different charges that they are going to make, not just at the start of the tenancy, but throughout the tenancy, and even if you want to renew the contract at the end of that tenancy

What contract will I have to sign with a letting agent?

The contract that you’re likely to sign through the letting agent is the tenancy agreement between you and the landlord. The tenancy agreement is something that the letting agent typically administers.

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