Renting – Where do you start? [Part 2 of 2]

Renting – Where do you start

Renting – Where do you start? [Part 2 of 2]

So you have found the perfect house, but there is so much to think about it can be overwhelming. Here is what happens next and important points to help you through.


All agents will be required to complete referencing checks before moving a tenant into a property. Find out from the agent what this entails so you know you have everything ready to go. Pre warn your employer so they know to expect and respond to a reference request quickly and make sure your landlord is aware so they do not have a surprise call that you are looking to move.

Read your contract

It is crucial you know exactly what you are agreeing to and what you are signing for. How long is the fixed term? What notice do you have to give? To whom and how do you report maintenance? Make sure you have the answer to any questions you may have before you finish your check in.

During your tenancy

Treat the property like home; it is your home after all whether you are renting it for 6 months or 6 years.

If you notice any maintenance at the property, report it straight away. Something you think is a minor issue that can wait, may in fact be urgent that needs immediate attention. If you do not make the landlord aware of an issue quickly you may be liable for any further damaged caused.

Make sure you have contents insurance! Do not forget that the landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings and you need to have a policy in place.

Moving out

Check with your agent for any vacating instructions. If it was cleaned professionally when you moved in, chances are you need to do the same when you move out and you will need to provide a copy of a receipt at the checkout.
If a property is not left clean, tidy and as you found it, you may risk the return of all or part of your deposit.

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