Renting – Where do you start? [Part 1 of 2]

Renting – Where do you start

Renting – Where do you start? [Part 1 of 2]

Moving house can be daunting. Here are our top tips for tenants to help get started.

Where is the area that is best for you?

Write a list of all the things that you are looking for in an area. Where do you need to be close to? Schools, work, transport links, shops. Split this into what you need to have and what would be nice to have so your agent can start looking for the right property for you and do not miss out on the essentials.

If you are unsure of the area, ask the agents, they know it well and will be happy to help!

Contacting the agent

The rental market moves very quickly and agents will often have a client in mind when they take on a new property. Make sure this is you! Get in touch with the agent in the area you want to be and register with them. Be clear with your details, you do not want to miss out on a property that is perfect for you – if you are not sure they heard you correctly, repeat them again.

It is really important to make sure they know when you need to move. If it is urgent they will do all they can to help.

Booking a viewing

Be available and be flexible! Remember how fast moving the market is and properties can be taken within days of being marketed. If you need to move you need to ensure you are available within 24 hours of receiving a call. When a high quality property is advertised, there will be a rush of viewings and offers; you may miss out if you do not act quickly.

Keep an open mind

Remember when you view a property it is crucial to keep an open mind. There may be someone living in the property and their taste is different to yours. Ask if you can paint that wall that isn’t the right colour for you. We encourage our landlords to accommodate a reasonable request made by a tenant and they understand that it is your home.

For any improvements you wish for the landlord to make or anything you want removed from the property, make this request when you make your offer. If this is left until you move in, it can be harder to agree and arrange retrospectively.


When you agree to rent a property you may incur administration fees. All agent’s fees should be listed on their website, however ensure you ask them to detail any fees you are liable for so there is no confusion. When you put your offer in, ask if their fees include the referencing or an inventory. Some agents may break their fees down into stages – you do not want to find you have to pay for something you have not budgeted for!

Be aware that these fees are often non refundable, find out in which context this applies and what fees may be payable during your tenancy.

There is more to go so come back to us next week and I can give you our tips on what happens next!


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