Pop Quiz: Why Isn’t Your Property Renting?

Pop Quiz - Why Isn’t Your Property Renting

Pop Quiz: Why Isn’t Your Property Renting?

a. Your property is too expensive

b. You can’t find good tenants

c. You don’t know how to market your property

d. Tenants would rather rent through a letting agent

On first glance, all of the above look like likely factors, right?

Today’s tenants are more experienced and clued up than ever before. So the correct answer?

d. Tenants would rather rent through a letting agent.

You might be shaking your head at this stage. But from experience we’ve found that tenants here in Newport prefer renting through a letting agent for a number of reasons:

1. Trust

An agent with a good reputation and established name make tenants feel comfortable and safe

2. Knowledge and Training

There are so many rules and regulations to keep abreast of. Tenants expect a certain standard of living and want to be sure the rules and regulations are in place to guarantee this. When using a letting agent, you’re showing tenants that you’re on track with any tricky legislation.

3. Comprehensive Tenancy Agreements

Tenants know that a decent Tenancy Agreement protects them. They won’t take the risk of signing a downloaded, free contract template.

4. Deposit Protection

The deposit that a tenant has to pay is usually a significant amount for them. In light of this they want the assurance that the money is protected in a recognised scheme with systems in place to assist in the case of a dispute.

5. The “I” Word

Tenants know the one factor that might hinder them from getting their deposit back at the end of a tenancy is the inventory document set up at the beginning of a tenancy. Luscombe and Co offer a comprehensive inventory service complete with photographs. This provides the tenants and you, as a landlord, with peace of mind.

6. Safety

Most of our landlords are up to date with Gas Safety. But not on the somewhat 30 areas of possible areas of hazards in rented properties. A letting agent keep both parties up to date on the latest safety requirements keeping tenants safe. No on wants to live in dangerous conditions.

7. Property Maintenance

Tenants prefer to report maintenance issues directly to letting agents purely because there are already systems in place to deal with the issue swiftly.

8. Peace and Quiet

We get quite a few reports of landlords entering properties at any time they like. When a tenant rents through a letting agent, they know when to expect periodic inspections.

When you use a letting agent to manage your tenancy it works two-fold, as you’ll also get the highest quality tenants for your property. It is your biggest asset after all.

Not sure you’re able to manage your property alone? We’re happy to help! Drop us an email or call us for an obligation free chat: 01633 265222.

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