Newport’s Top 10 Most Expensive Streets [Part 1]

Newport’s Top 10 Most Expensive Streets

Newport’s Top 10 Most Expensive Streets [Part 1]

Watch Sarah’s video and learn more about each of these outstanding neighborhoods and why they are the most expensive streets in Newport.


Hi, I’m Sarah from Luscombe & CO Lettings. And last week i saw an interesting article about the 10 Most Expensive Streets in and around Newport. So i thought it’d just be a bit of fun to show you what they are so we’re going to start now at number 10.

So let’s start off with number 10 Caerlicyn Lane in Langstone, east side of Newport. Close the M4, links to Bristol now are mostly detached rural area and the houses are few and far between and the average price in this area is £593,484. Now this is a rise of 2.73 percent over the last three months since May time and a fall of 3.29 percent over the last five months.

So let’s look at the number nine. Coming in at number nine we’ve got Westfield Road in Caerleon as well. A little bit away from the town center of Caerleon but still a great area. Now this one is going to set you back £597,891, again there’s been a rise of 2.37 percent in this area in the last three months.

And then coming in now at number eight we’ve got College Crescent again in Caerleon the east side of Newport. Now this is in the heart of the Newport heart of the community center two minutes away from Caerleon Comprehensive and St. Cadoc’s Hospital. And the average price is £601,552.

So you see the top three. So the top ten: number ten, nine and eight all come in sort of the Caerleon east side of Newport area. Then we move on to number seven. we’ve got Church Lane in Marshfield. Popular area in Marshfield located between Newport and Cardiff and the average price here this quiet countryside lane is going to set you back £604,251.

Now what we’re going to do then is in a couple of days i’m going to share you the next couple of houses until we do our Top 10 Most Expensive Streets in and around Newport.

So thanks for listening. Bye.

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