Looking For a Great Tenant? Follow These 10 Steps!

Looking For a Great Tenant? Follow These 10 Steps!

It’s not only important to attract the best possible tenant to look after your property, it’s also important to maximise your income potential. In order for you to optimise your chances of finding the right tenant, you need to ensure your property looks at its best when viewings take place.

Seeing as it’s summer and you may be sitting with a void period on hand, there are a few things you can do now to make sure the property is ready when viewings commence:


  1. Garden – is it neat, looked after?

  2. Paint – Does the exterior walls need paint?

  3. Are the gutters clean?


  1. Paint – consider using light and neutral colours, it will make the rooms seem bigger and brighter. It’s also cheaper to maintain.

  2. Are all the appliances working?

  3. Is it clean inside? This is a small thing that makes a huge difference to the general appeal of the property

  4. If there is any security on the property, make sure it is in working order and that you know how it works before you show the tenant the property.

  5. Furniture – If you are letting the property furnished, you need to make sure any furniture meets fire regulations

  6. Eradicate odours like pet smells and cigarette smoke

  7. Carry out minor repairs – fix leaky taps, check any tiling, replace light bulbs and make sure everything is in working order

If your property is well looked after before a tenant moves in, it is most likely that they will look after the property too.

If you need any advice on what you can do to attract the best tenants, feel free to give us a call on 01633 265222.

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