LIVE PODCAST with Barrie McDowell – HHSRS

live podcast with Barrie McDowell

LIVE PODCAST with Barrie McDowell – HHSRS

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Check out our very own Barrie McDowell who created ‘29 Ways To Kill Your Tenants’ talk about the HHSRS legislation and how he got into property.

Barrie speaks about the Housing Health and Safety Rating System or HHSRS guide on how to deal with it and what does it actually mean for landlords and agents.

He also speaks about how to safeguard the landlord from the legislation where they don’t get fined and protecting the tenants.

Find out more about the key points which come up most often within a tenancy and renting out a property, making tenants and properties safe.

Why should you have a second look at the different parts of your property when it comes to the HHSRS legislation.

Say, the kitchen for example.

Kitchen – smoke hazards, smoke alarms, window, ventilation, gas safety, wall sockets, cupboard, gas hob

Going through the different sections of the legislation you got:

Physiological – protection against infection, protection against accidents, dampen mould, carbon monoxide, radiation, incombustible fuel gas, volatile organic compounds

Psychological – crowding and space, entry by intruders

Protection by infection – domestic hygiene, pets, personal hygiene, sanitation

Electrical hazards – fire, flame, hot surfaces

Protection against accidents, collision, entrapments, structural collapse and many more!

And the biggest thing that tenants complain about: dampen mould!

Why the Council is so important to get advice and support for landlords and agents when it comes to your properties.

Click the links below to learn more about the legislation and how it will affect you as a landlord 

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