Landlord Responsibilities

Landlord Responsibilities

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What you should know about renting your property out part 2

Your responsibilities as a landlord include:

  • repairs to the structure and exterior of the property
  • repairs to heating and hot water installations
  • repairs to sinks, baths and other sanitary installations
  • safety of gas and electrical appliances that you supply
  • fire safety of furniture and furnishings that you supply
  • providing an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • protecting your tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme

In return, your tenant is responsible for taking good care of the property and paying the agreed rent. The tenant should also pay for other charges – like Council Tax or utility bills – unless you have already included an amount for these in the rent.

You will have to pay Income Tax on your gross rental income minus your day-to-day running expenses.

If you have a mortgage on the property you intend to let, you must have, or must obtain, consent to let the property from your mortgage lender.


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