Is YOUR Agent Doing Everything to let your property?

Is YOUR Agent Doing Everything to let your property

Is YOUR Agent Doing Everything to let your property?

We want you to challenge us today to do the impossible.

But before we get to that, we want to ask you a few questions: Did you know that listings with photos receive 118% more views than those without? And homes with professional photos receive 61% more views?

Did your agent tell you that listing your photos in a certain sequence can influence a tenant’s decision? That the description of the property can make or break the letting of your property?

As landlords ourselves, we know how painful void periods can be, it eats away at your bottom line. That’s why we want to share some of the marketing tactics we use at Luscombe & Co with you today, so that you can make sure your agent is getting you the RESULTS you want:

1. Photography

When your agent takes photos of your house, make sure their doing the following:

  • Is the room well lit in the photo?

  • Did they remove any clutter from the room?

  • Are they emphasizing the best feature of the room?

  • The devil is in the detail: look at the small things, is the toilet seat down? Are personal items hidden?

These are just a few things your agent should be doing to emphasize the best features of your property to make sure it attracts attention.

Also look at the sequence of the photos listed online, a logical transition is as follows:

Front of the house/property > Kitchen > Living Room/Reception Room > Dining Area > Bathroom > Garden

2. Advertising

Ask your agent how they will be advertising your property. There are the obvious boxes that need to be ticked like rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market. But what else are they doing?

Are they running ads on social media for example? The wider your property is advertised, the more likely it is to be seen and rented fast.

3. Social Media

Is your agent active on social media? Are they utilising more than one social media channel? Here are a few:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

Almost 40% of the visitors to our website come from social media. Your agent needs to market your property aggressively on these platforms.

4. Copy

How is your property described in ads? If it’s just listing the main details of the property and not maximising the unique features of the property, potential tenants will probably move on to something more interesting. One of the most important aspects of any property listing is the headline. Does it entice you to click?

5. What are other people saying about your agent?

What are other people saying about your agent? Have a look at the reviews of your agent on Google or Facebook. If their only getting 1 out of 5 stars, steer clear! Not only do you want your property looked after, but also your tenants. Good reviews is probably the most objective opinion you can get of your letting agent.

A good agent will nurture and drive reviews. Not only does this reflect good on them, but it also helps them to show up in search results first. Which means your property on their website will be seen first.

6. Search Engine

Do a simple search on Google, for example: letting agent newport. Does your agent show up at the top of the search results? Remember that most tenants start their search for a property to rent on Google, so you want your agent listed first.

7. Website

Go to your agents website and test it like you were a tenant. Firstly it needs to look professional and world class. Does it navigate easily? Are the properties easy to find? Tenants want to find properties easily, or they’ll go look for it elsewhere.It’s the one of the first impressions your tenant will get of your letting agent. This also influences you, if a website looks great and navigates easily, the agent is bound to have more tenants on their books actively looking for properties.

8. Your Agent

This might seem like an obvious thing, but make sure the staff at the agency are always professional. They will be presenting your property to potential tenants, they need to be able to market the property so that it gets rented as quickly as possible to steer clear of void periods.

We’re currently running our TWO WEEK CHALLENGE. We want you to challenge us to find you a tenant in under 14 days. If we don’t, we’ll do it for FREE! Our average time to rent a property is under 6 days, can your agent beat that?

Call us today to find out more and get your property rented: 01633 265222.

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