How To Build Good Relationships With Your Tenants

How To Build Good Relationships With Your Tenants

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So you’ve  just had new tenants move in to your property and everything has been signed off and you are  now expecting your first rental payment.

Hopefully you will have found some agreeable tenants to fill your property and now it is up to you to ensure that they stay this way, and that you build a good relationship with them. This will not only make the life of your tenant easier but it will make yours easier too.

Ways to ensure you and your tenants enjoy a good relationship include returning their calls or messages when they try to contact you. A landlord not being available when something goes wrong can be a real source of frustration to most people so try and be available as much as possible within reason.

Dealing with any problems or concerns they have in a timely manner can also help keep things between you and them positive. If you can make the time your tenants spend in your property as stress free and smooth sailing as possible, there is a greater chance they will want to renew their contract when it is nearing its end. This will save you all the trouble of seeing them move out, updating the property, and then finding new tenants and all that entails. Why not just put in a bit of effort to keep things cordial and save yourself a lot of work in the long run?

Remember, the better you get on with your tenants the more likely it is that they will treat your property with greater respect and care.  Landlords can often underestimate the benefits of getting on well with their tenants; keeping a good relationship with your tenants will set you on a good footing.

So here’s your chance to tell us what you have found works? Just comment in the box below.

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