How Dave Retired 5 Years Earlier From Property

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How Dave Retired 5 Years Earlier From Property

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work your whole life in a dead end job. You can make your money work for you. Looking back over 10 years of business, we’re reminiscing about our clients’ success stories.

I’d like to share this amazing success story with you today of one of our dearest clients, Dave, who came to us about 10 years ago, who wanted to retire. He was working in a corporate job and he never owned a property before, like many of the people we meet initially.

We helped him find a suitable property, helped him through the processes and got him a good deal. We found him a tenant immediately as well.

He then went on to buy a second, third and fourth property. We set out a goal for him to obtain five properties within five years. You wouldn’t believe it, he managed to buy five properties in Newport within TWO years!

As a result, he was able to retire five years earlier because he had the income of the properties as a landlord. All because he decided to take a step towards prosperity and a lifestyle he wanted.

If you want any advice on how to expand your property portfolio or start your property journey, feel free to phone us on 01633 265222

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