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There is always a mixed range of emotions when a tenant leaves – my favourite is sadness. This may sound silly, but when they are sad to leave the property and you are sad to see them go, you know everything was right with the tenancy.

A gentleman left a small 1 bedroom house he lived in for almost 2 years due to work commitments. When the day came to hand back his keys, the house was spotless and he was reluctant to take that final step out of the door. He explained how much he loved the house and the time spent there, leaving was the last thing he wanted to do especially as it was through necessity. After all his years in the army, he had not had anywhere to call home for too long. As he got into his car, he stopped. He turned to the house and he turned to say ‘goodbye house’ and waved. For an ex military sergeant, this was the last thing we ever expected. In a situation like this you cannot help but feel teary eyed!

As a landlord it is important to remember that your investment is someone’s home. This is something to be immensely proud of. Although you cannot always see this, a tenant will appreciate it. By respecting this and looking after your house and your tenant, they will respect you and the property.

So Mister Military Tenant, when you waved goodbye to the house, we waved back. You will be missed.

All the best, Rosie x

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