Do You Understand the Importance of Regular Inspections?

Do you understand the importance of regular inspections

Do You Understand the Importance of Regular Inspections?

As a landlord your two main concerns are.
A) What can I do to ensure fantastic tenants?
B) Is my investment being well maintained?

We are here to help keep you informed.

As a reputable agency we have set up a great system making sure our properties are being well maintained by tenants.

This system includes a thorough referencing process as well as twice yearly inspections.

Inspections are put in place to ensure that we can pick up any possible maintenance issues, leaks and ventilation issues, cluttered lifestyle of tenants as well as the overall well being of your property. You would think this is for us to check up on people but we are mainly interested in protecting your investment and to set your mind at ease.

Isn’t that what we all need? Peace of mind during these challenging times.

An Inspection can result in accountability from both sides. Tenants will be more open and honest with issues and landlords will have more knowledge of what exactly is going on with their property. It’s a win-win.

Covid has caught all of us off guard and left us all in a sticky situation.

You may ask, “What can we as an agency do about it?”

That’s a great question. The best way to keep moving forward is to make sure we continue to be innovative. Inspections can be done virtually and the landlord will have the opportunity to see the property through a camera lense.

Contact Felicia today to discuss our brand new Inspect and protect package. This package is available to all landlords including tenant find.


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