There’s no Such Thing as ‘Bad Feedback’

Have you ever been confronted with a habitat that was barely habitable? We recently had a new landlord come on board with us. He had his various properties just about to be vacated by their current tenants advertised on different portals, but was at his wits end because they just weren’t renting. We took on […]

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LANDLORDS:How to get more money for your larger properties

Have you considered renting your property as a HMO; A House in Multiple Occupations? Rising rents have forced over 100,000 more renters into the flat share market over the last year, according to the latest research from easyroommate.co.uk.  The cost of flat sharing is considerably cheaper for tenants than renting a property as a whole […]

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How to Be a Great Landlord: 7 Top Tips

It’s so important to keep a smile on your tenants’ face. Why? Because replacing tenants costs money and it requires that one thing everyone hates exerting; energy. Every landlord dreads the idea of having an empty property. Do you realise that data has shown that this is the biggest cost for landlords? Each time a […]

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Pets Considered?

Despite 48% of the population owning a pet, many landlords are still missing out on a large and lucrative part of the rental market. Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment. All pet owners have a duty to care for their pets responsibly both inside and outside of the home. In a survey conducted by […]

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Tips to Save Your Property from Damp

You want to rent out your property but you have one problem; damp. Not only is it bad for your health but it’s also not pretty for potential tenants to look at when they view your home.  A landlord came in to see us a few months back, the contract had ended with his previous […]

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Newport and South Wales Landlord’s Guide to Letting

Have you been in the landlord business for a long time or have just started out? Here are some very helpful tips to guide you from finding your tenants to securing your property. Finding a Tenant Of course anyone is excited to finally get a tenant, but remember to have the right one. Conduct a […]

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Government to scrap direct housing benefit payments to landlords

New procedures for the payment of universal credit has been released by the Government – The Government confirms that if a tenant is in arrears the landlord’s right to insist on direct rent payments will be scrapped. Payments will be made directly to tenants and it will be up to them to pay their rents […]

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11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 3 of 3]

We have now come to the last part of finding a letting agent for your property. Are the lists from the previous article giving you a good option to getting one? I am sure it did. Make sure you add the rest of these tips to your list. 9. The names Does the agent have […]

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11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 2 of 3]

We are now on the second part to help you find one of the best letting agents out there. Let’s take a quick recap on what was discussed on the first part: First, ask the people around you for recommendations. Second, be sure to find a licensed agent. Third, good communication between you and the […]

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