Are you Rent Smart?

rent smart wales

Are you Rent Smart?

Rent Smart Wales

Have you registered for Rent Smart Wales? With minimal advertising, many are unaware that they have had 12 months register as a landlord. If you do not have a managing agent in place you will also need to obtain a license to be able to manage your property.

After 23rd November fixed penalties will be issued for any landlord not fully compliant with Rent Smart Wales. If you are found guilty of not registering there will be a fixed penalty of £100 or if taken to court up to £1000, a person found guilty of letting and managing a rental property without a license may be issued with a fixed penalty of £250, or if taken to a court could face an unlimited fine.

There is now a public register where tenants are able to check that their landlord is fully compliant with Rent Smart and they offer a number of services for tenants and encourages them to use this.


Registration can be done on their website and if you need further advice, give us a call on 01633 265 222

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