6 Time Management Skills Every Landlord Needs

6 Time Management Skills Every Landlord Needs

You know how it goes, you get up in the morning with big plans for the day, but before you know it, you’re caught up in loads of little things that need your attention and you’re not getting any real work done.

As we are landlords ourselves, we know how frustrating this can be. We came across a really great time management tool from Chet Holmes that you can start using today to boost your productivity.

We’re applying it here at Luscombe & Co and benefiting from it already. Sharing is caring, we hope it helps you as much as it did us!

Six Steps To Manage Your Time Efficiently:

1. Touch it Once

  • If you touch it take action. Make sure you only attend to the matter once you’re ready to deal with it and solve the issue.


2 .Make daily lists of the 6 most important tasks to complete

  • Face it, we all have lists with 25+ items that needs to get done. And we usually pick the easiest item on the list. At the end of the day we feel really good but we didn’t get to complete the most important items on the list because their either the hardest or most time-consuming.
  • So rather make a list of the 6 most important tasks for the day.


3. Plan how long each task will take

  • 6 Tasks at 1 hour each is the ideal.


4. Plan the day

  • Now you can pull up a schedule of your day and slot in your tasks.
  • Be sure to include slots for miscellaneous and got-a-minute meetings as these are inevitable. These slots are also a good time to catch up and answer emails.


5. Prioritize

  • If you postpone the most difficult and important tasks to the end of the day, you’ll barely have the energy to give it the attention it deserves. So do those ones first and give yourself a head start.


6. Ask yourself : “Will it hurt me to throw this away?”

  • Studies have shown that 80 percent of all filed or stored information is never referred to again. So why hang on to it? Ask yourself if it will hurt you to throw this way.


Let us know how your get on, seeing as you’ll have much more time on your hands after applying these tips!

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