12 Tips of Christmas #2 – Keep An Eye On Void Periods

12 Tips of Christmas - Day 2 - Keep An Eye On Void Periods

12 Tips of Christmas #2 – Keep An Eye On Void Periods

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Leaving your rental property without tenants living in it may not seem like much of an issue, but a lot can go wrong when a property is left unattended.

From an insurer’s point of view, things like water leaks, fire, and burglary are more likely to happen the longer a property’s unoccupied. That’s why they require you to let them know immediately about any vacant periods – especially if they last longer than you originally stated.

Policy conditions around void periods can vary depending on your insurer, so make sure you understand your obligations, otherwise, you may discover too late that you’re not fully covered. Contact your insurer if you’re not sure.

It’s good practice to visit as regularly as possible to ensure its kept in good order anyway. This includes opening the windows to air the property, as well as checking the boiler.

If your rental property’s near your home, this might be quite easy to do. If it’s not, you may want to consider getting someone else, such as a letting agent, to check-in for you.

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