12 Tips of Christmas - Day 11 - Be Mindful Of Damp And Mould

12 Tips of Christmas #11 – Be Mindful Of Damp And Mould

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Condensation can be a big problem for many properties as warm air created in the property from everyday activities, such as cooking and showering, meets cooler surfaces such as a window or wall. It is therefore extremely common during cool winter months.

Unless properly ventilated, this build-up of moisture in your property can lead to mould growth.

  • Make sure that ventilation in your property is adequate. In kitchens and bathrooms, a major hub for condensation and mould, ensure that extractor fans are working correctly. It is a good idea to check these as part of a mid-term property inspection.
  • Try turning the cold tap of the bath on first, this way when the hot water hits it will not produce as much steam. Did you know having a bath produces two pints of moisture?
  • Wipe away condensation as soon as you spot it so that it doesn’t linger leading to mould growth.

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