12 Tips of Christmas #1 – Clear Out Your Gutters

12 Tips of Christmas - Day 1 - Clear Out Your Gutters

12 Tips of Christmas #1 – Clear Out Your Gutters

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As the evenings draw in and the temperature drops, it’s a period of change for everyone – not least landlords.

The colder months are approaching, which is a cue for landlords to carry out a range of checks to make sure their properties steer clear of any winter catastrophes.

These checks cover everything from avoiding frozen pipes to ensuring your property isn’t a target for thieves.

Clear out your gutters

Falling autumn leaves may give the landscape a picturesque glow and look harmless at first glance, but they can prove to be a costly nuisance for landlords if left to pile up.

In particular, they can collect in gutters and drains, causing blockages. So it’s worthwhile clearing them out as regularly as you can to avoid any overflows and resulting water damage.

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