11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 3 of 3]

11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 3 of 3]

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We have now come to the last part of finding a letting agent for your property. Are the lists from the previous article giving you a good option to getting one? I am sure it did.

Make sure you add the rest of these tips to your list.

9. The names

Does the agent have a good list of prospective tenants? If they do then that’s one reason to go for that letting agent. It’s always 3-way: you, the agent and the tenant. And the tenant is very important to complete the missing piece. If they have a list then you are sure to have your property marketed quickly.

10. Legal assistance

Of course after a good deal has been made it is wise to make sure that everything is going on the right track. Any concerns that may arise in the future should be anticipated so that you will not compromise anything. If an agent can provide and guide you with legal assistance, that would be great.

11. Care for me and my property

Could they provide regular property inspection coupled with a full maintenance service? How about a full rent collection service? You may want to add up some list here as to what you are expecting from your agent.

There you go. Hope this article will enlighten you and help you decide on getting the best Letting Agent anytime soon. We are looking forward to you

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