11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 2 of 3]

11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 2 of 3]

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We are now on the second part to help you find one of the best letting agents out there.

Let’s take a quick recap on what was discussed on the first part: First, ask the people around you for recommendations. Second, be sure to find a licensed agent. Third, good communication between you and the agent. Fourth, they have a plan to market your property.

And here’s more. Read on.

5. Know your value

Do you know your property’s worth these days? You should have an idea of your property’s value so you can see if the agent will go below your expected price or go beyond it.

Some may want to rent it below the price just to have a quick sale while others rent it above the price to get paid more on the commission. But this will somehow hurt you as it may drive away potential clients.
So make sure your agent will give a win-win value for you, for him/her and the client.

6. Compare the agents you have on your list

There are a lot of good letting agents out there. Just have the time to weigh down who will give you the best service you are looking for. Write down the advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons) that you may have for getting an agent. Make a list of questions you may have in mind to see who can best provide the best answers or solutions for you.

7. Experience

So how long have they been in the property management industry? Are they up to date with the latest information? How many properties have they managed that were a success? How much do they know about the area and kinds of properties do usual tenants look for? Can they meet both you and the tenant’s expectations and needs?

8. Fees

A transparent document of fees to be charged should be clearly explained to you before you get that agent. If there are additional charges, it should be discussed upfront so there will be no confusion in the future. You should be assured that there are no hidden charges when a good deal has been made.

Are you now a getting a good grip to finally get your kind of a letting agent? Cool! Be sure to catch the last part of this article. You can bookmark this

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