11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 1 of 3]

11 Great Tips for Finding a Letting Agent [Part 1 of 3]

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Looking for a letting agent to manage your property or let your house? With thousands of letting agents out there, getting the best could be a bit challenging. Here is a checklist that will come in handy as you start your search.

1. Ask the people around you

Family members and friends are a great resource when it comes to recommendations. They may have contacts and experiences with agents who manage their properties. This will be easier for you to find out more about their services. Landlords can help you as well as their properties are also managed by agents.

They could help you especially if you live in the same area where you can also have easy access to agents who have branch offices nearby.

2. Licensed Agent

Are they registered to a known group or board where you can verify their existence? Make sure that you are looking for a licensed agent. This will save you from trouble and you will not about the agent’s identity. You will be assured that the agent is following rules and regulations that are binding to the law.

3. Communication

As our daily life gets busier each day, a constant communication is so much appreciated. Your agent should be able to return phone calls and communicate with you on how things are going with your property. A constant reminder will help gauge the agent’s performance and your property.

4. Plan to market your property

As the quote says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” it clearly speaks out what could happen if your agent has a clear plan in marketing and managing your property. Will you be able to know on which direction your property will be going? Is the plan specific, attainable and time-based?

Are there now a lot of ideas popping out of your mind? That’s great! Then wait until you find out more tips on the next parts of this article coming out soon. Thank you so much and stay tuned.

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