10 Secrets We’ve Learned About Tenants With Pets

10 Secrets We’ve Learned About Tenants With Pets

Most of us are hesitant to rent out our properties to tenants with pets for various reasons. But can the pros outweigh the cons? You might want to consider taking that step and renting out to tenants with pets, we’ve found that if you’re willing to rent out a property to them, your more likely to get a long term tenant.

Read through our list of pros and cons below and decide for yourself. We’ve also included a handy set of questions you need to ask your tenant with pets before they move in.


1. You have a better chance of finding a conscientious tenant

You’ll probably double the viewings on your property if you bring down the ‘no pets allowed!’ flag. The result? A shorter void period and you saving money and time you could be spending better elsewhere.

2. Your tenant will stay longer

Pet friendly rentals are hard to find. If you do get a tenant with a pet they are likely to stay longer exactly for this reason.

3. You can ask for higher rent

To make sure your property doesn’t get damaged, you can ask a higher rental price. Which means you’re covered if there is any damage to your property, but it also means you’ll have more disposable income.

4. Your property will have a set of protective eyes

This only applies if your tenant has a large breed dog of course, but it can put off any potential intruders.

5. The tenants will look after the property

Because pet-friendly rentals are so hard to come by and tenants can expect to pay up if there is any damage to your property, these tenants will probably look after your property better than those without pets.



1. Pets can damage your property

This is the most obvious reason that most landlords don’t allow pets. Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend quite a lot if a pet damages a property after the tenants move out in order to get it ready for new tenants.

2. Hygiene can be a problem

Most people with pets get used to the smell of pets and consequently don’t realise a house is starting to smell. The smell can permeate into furniture, curtains and carpets.

If your tenant doesn’t keep their pets clean, this can lead to a flea infestation.

3. It might influence the overall price of your property

This is especially true of properties with pets that leave musty odours behind. And the damage to your property can be quite substantial, affecting the price.

4. Noise

If your tenant has a barking dog, you’ll have to deal with complaints from the neighbours. Especially if you’re in a tightly packed neighbourhood.

5. It might pose a threat

If you have a tenant with a ferocious dog, it might be a danger to visitors but also neighbours.


If you’ve taken all of the above into account and think your property is suitable for tenants with pets, make sure you ask the following questions before they move in:

  • What type of breed is the pet?

  • How long have they owned the pet?

  • How old is the pet?

  • Has the pet been spayed or neutered?

  • Is the pet microchipped? If not, does it wear a tag?

  • Is the pet insured?

  • Is your pet registered with a local vet?

  • Are they allowed to own that kind of pet in the UK?

  • Have they had any damages or complaints at their current address?

  • Does the pet have any behavioural or medical problems?

  • Who will look after the pet if you’re not there?

  • Can they provide a written reference with regards to the pet from their current landlord?


In addition to asking the questions above, you can cover yourself by adding pet-specific clauses to your lease agreement pertaining to things like hygiene and cleaning. You can also get extra insurance and do a thorough inventory with the tenant before they move in.

To rent out a pet-friendly property you have to properly weigh out the pros and cons. Some might not want to deal with the extra effort, others may see the pros weigh up heavier.

Whichever you choose, make sure you’re aware of all the facts and legislation around tenants with pets.

If you need any advice, feel free to call us on 01633 265222

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  • Fred Foster

    That is definitely something to consider. Good tenants can be difficult to find. I have never accepted tenants with pets but maybe it’s time to take a look at that option. Maybe just adding an additional deposit for pet related damage would offset any possible damage or sign up for pet insurance like you said. Thank you so much for this post.

    • Luscombe & Co

      It’s only a pleasure, we’re landlords ourselves and understand the struggles our fellow landlords go through. We’ve found that tenants with pets can be very reliable. They also tend to stay longer as pet friendly rentals are so scarce. Covering yourself with an additional deposit is a great idea.
      You can also chat to Penny at the office, she knows the most about the topic. Phone her anytime: 01633 265222.

  • Fred Foster

    Thank you for the brilliant recommendations. I will take that into consideration.

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